Dean Hewison

writer and director


A 2018 10-part campaign from WorkSafe encouraging people to use their mouths in the workplace to keep everybody safe.

Ad of the Week on, who said: "Hilarious but serious, this ad from WorkSafe elicits both laughter and pensive thought as fictional commentators ‘Pat Silverwood’ and ‘Joe Munro’ give a play-by-play of workers actions. And while not all workplaces feature a pair of commentators armed with mics to make themselves heard, it's hoped the enjoyable campaign that will encourage Kiwis to ‘Use Your Mouth’ and speak up in the workplace."


Client: WorkSafe

A 2016 Auckland Transport ad encouraging people to drive drink free. 

Agency: Assignment / Fish & Clips

Director: Dean Hewison

Creatives: Chris Appelros & James Henderson

Producer: Jen Gasson (Assignment), Saffron Jackson (Fish & Clips)

DOP: Matt Henley

Editor: Jan Oliver Lucks